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ChepChap®, is an American multinational ride sharing / hailing Technologies company. The company offers Rides and delivery on demand. Services that include peer-to-peer ride sharing, delivery service and transportation solutions.

ChepChap® provides a marketplace where people who seek transportation or delivery to any destinations (“Riders”) . The platform matching between Rider and driver(“Drivers”) base on factors such as location pickup, destination, preferences, efficiency and safety. The drivers and riders are APP and or web (“Users”).


Our mission is to give you the most safest, economical, and fastest ride.

We hide your contact info for your privacy.

You can Share your trip info with loved ones

You can pay with credit or cash.

Your drivers review is unanimous

Request your pickup spot

reliable rides in minutes

you just tap to request a ride


Are you ready to make money?

Your Business opportunity is right here. You decide when and where you make money. All the income goes only to your pockets. You Are not splitting your income with anyone. You are your own boss. All the revenue from the ride is going directly to you CASH or CREDIT. No one holding or controlling your money,

Only a monthly subscription.

Don’t work for anyone be independent


  Our mission for Riders is to give you the safest, most economical and fastest ride.  

Our mission for  Drivers is for you to keep all the money you earn and don't have to split with us.


ChepChap ®

To any where you need Safely Economically and Rapidly

ChepChap ®

  Are you ready for your personal independent day ?  



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